Health Check-up Packages / Medical Tests You Should Undergo Regularly

Regular medical checkups and appointments with your doctor are a must in this age of lifestyle-related and other chronic diseases especially after the age of 30. Although a healthy diet and regular exercise can help you up to a great extent in successfully controlling the advent of such diseases, regular screening and diagnostic tests can leave you devoid of worries. If your test results show anything to worry, medical technology has progressed so well that it is possible to completely cure diseases once they are found on their onset. Medical diagnostic tests are conducted if you are asymptotic. If you show any particular symptoms, always consult your doctor and he would refer which test to conduct.

There is good news for people in Kannur!

Leo Labs, located in the heart of Kannur offers many attractive health packages for all. You can choose from the many options, depending on your age, general body health, and medical conditions. Your doctor can also help you in choosing which would be best for you. The medical packages at Leo Labs, Kannur are designed by eminent doctors in respective fields, conducted by trained staff using world-class infrastructure and top-notch machinery to deliver precise and accurate results.

The Leo Basic Health Package is very affordable and offers basic tests. Priced at Rs.500 only, it comprises of the tests for the basic indicators of general health, kidney, liver, and heart functioning. Routine blood sugar, urine, creatinine, cholesterol, and haemogram with ESR are tested. This package is for all and is recommended to be undertaken every 3-6 months.

The Leo Comprehensive Health package is a bit more invasive with all features of the basic package plus indicators such as uric acid, sodium, potassium, bilirubin and thyroid being tested. An invasive ultrasound scan of the abdomen is also conducted. Cardiac patients will benefit well from this package as fasting lipid profile with ECG is monitored. Often recommended by doctors to cardiac patients and patients with chronic diabetes and hypertension, this package is priced at Rs.2250.

The Leo Executive Health package is a complete health package in all it senses. All major indicators of general body health such as urine and blood tests, kidney and liver functioning, heart health with lipid profile, ECG and 2-dimensional ECHO test, hormonal health with thyroid, PSA (to detect prostate cancer), abdominal scan and bone health with calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D are included. The test results will be examined by a qualified physician at our facility in Kannur. Further treatment plans can be discussed. Prostate cancer is on the rise in Kerala. Affecting men mostly above the 65, it is a deadly disease. This package is an initiative from Leo Labs, Kannur in helping the society to detect prostate cancer at its early stage and start treatment immediately. All males aged 65 + should take this package priced at Rs.4800 at least once a year.

The Leo Basic Diabetes Package priced at Rs.1700 offers haemograms, fasting blood sugar, liver, kidney, and heart function tests. The test results will be followed by a consultation with our in-house diabetologist.

The Leo Executive Diabetes package is a premium version of the basic package and is recommended to patients with chronic diabetes. All features of the basic package plus an ultrasound scan of the abdomen, thyroid and bone health tests are included. Diabetes is not a disease. It is a series of health conditions. If diabetes is not kept under check, it can affect various organs and organ systems. The patient’s vision can be affected. A podiascan is included as diabetes can have its disastrous effect on the foot also. Consultation with specialist doctors in podiology, endocrinology and ophthalmology come along with this package. A dietician will suggest a diet that can help you keep diabetes under control. It is an all-inclusive package priced at Rs.5000.

The womenfolk often neglect their health while taking care of the rest of the family. The Leo Healthy Woman Panel is the initiative of the best diagnostic medical laboratory in Kannur, Leo Labs in ensuring the health of women. All general body health indicators, heart, liver and kidney functioning, bone health, thyroid hormones are included. An ultrasound scan of the abdomen and PAP smear test is an exclusive part of this package priced at Rs.3200. Cervical cancer affects more than 100 in every 1 lakh women of Kerala. PAP smear is the technique to detect the onset of cervical cancer. This package is recommended to be taken by all women above the age of 30 at least once a year.

The above-mentioned packages from Leo Labs in Kannur prove that it is a medical laboratory par excellence.

Book your packages at Leo Labs and pave the way to good health!

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