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The incidence of diseases is on the increase owing to the sedentary lifestyle, lack of physical activity, eating out quite often and a lot more things that come along with a modern lifestyle. As people are infected with more and more diseases, there is a significant rise in the number of hospitals even in small cities and towns. The increase in the number of hospitals has proportionately resulted in the popping up of diagnostic medical laboratory centres like mushrooms. If we take the case of Kannur, the number of medical labs in Kannur has increased manifold in the last few years.

This is where the questions arise:

  •  How to find whether a medical lab is reliable?
  • Can I trust the lab results?
  • Do the results correspond to my symptoms?
  • Do I need to repeat the tests from elsewhere?

Your concerns are genuine and understandable. Laboratory test results are the prerequisites for the diagnosis of any disease. So if the first step goes wrong, everything else goes wrong.

Accreditations and certifications

First and foremost, check for the accreditations and certifications the laboratory has received from governmental and non-governmental health organizations that set standards and assess the functioning, quality, machinery, and skills of the employees. For a laboratory to be recognized by such agencies they have to meet quality standards and send sample results of the routine and specialist procedures performed at the centre to be verified by the concerned agency. This procedure is conducted and continued at regular intervals to receive and renew their license. So make sure your laboratory is licensed and functioning by abiding by the rules and regulations put forward by the health ministry.

Customer reviews

Secondly, this is the era of checking everything online. Lookup for online reviews of the laboratory and find out what people have to say from their experiences. Find out what the laboratory specializes in, whether it is cardiac diagnostic procedures or gynecological like foetal scanning or they offer only the routine procedures. Find out whether people have listed out pitfalls or inefficiencies in lab results. Or whether they are completely satisfied with the results and services offered.

Skilled Doctors and technicians

The machinery and diagnostic equipment are the primary infrastructures of a medical laboratory. But what if your laboratory boasts of world-class and imported machines, but lacks in skilled staff? The doctors and technicians need to be skilled, experienced and experts who have seen a long history of different cases in the concerned specialization. Machines and equipment produce 99.9 % accurate and precise results. But human-made errors can happen more often. So a good, reliable diagnostic laboratory should have doctors and technicians who have an eye for detail and a value for precision.

If you are looking for a reliable diagnostic laboratory in Kannur, that meets all the above-mentioned criteria, Leo Labs Kannur is the best option available with an impeccable track record of producing precise and accurate lab results.  Often recommended by specialist medical practitioners, Leo Labs is ideally located, easily accessible and highly trust-worthy.

With Leo Labs, you can simply put your doubts to rest.

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