People today are increasingly health-conscious. They are slowly but steadily adopting the habit of people in the developed nations where they go for a complete health checkup at regular intervals. Even when medical research and technology are progressing well, the incidence of diseases especially lifestyle-related medical conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and obesity are on the rise. It is of utmost importance that you frequently undergo tests to check the functioning of the vital organs, body fluids, and hormones for the early diagnosis of any disease. The earlier the better, and prevention is always better than cure. And knowing that your blood sugar, cholesterol, and hormones are in the prescribed normal limits is the first step to the prevention of the onset of lifestyle-related diseases.

Diagnostics in Kannur

Kannur now boasts of multi-specialty hospitals and renowned physicians. Advanced medical technologies and good patient care are now available to us in proximity. Gone are the days when people travelled to Calicut or Mangalore, the earlier hubs for advanced medical care. This is where; Leo Labs turn out to be the best diagnostic centre and best diagnostic packages offering the screening of all major diseases and medical conditions by providing complete health checkups in Kannur.

Health Checkups in Kannur

If you are on the lookout for a complete body checkup in Kannur, Leo Labs is the place to be. Offering special packages at prices starting from Rs.500 and above, Leo Labs is an affordable diagnostic laboratory in Kannur often recommended by physicians and specialist medical practitioners. With world-class infrastructure and top-notch machinery, the screening and results are automated and precise. Accuracy and uncompromised quality of service is the core of Leo Labs.

Are complete health and full body checkups only for the elderly?

No, health checkups are for all, from newborn babies to children, young adults in reproductive age and senior citizens.

Children are increasingly anemic and allergic nowadays. Pediatricians often refer such patients to Leo Labs for detailed blood tests of hemoglobin and allergic factors. A proper diagnosis and mode of treatment can be initiated only after this, especially in children.

Scanning tests

1 in every 5 women suffers from PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome) and other menstruation-related disorders. Infertility is on the rise. Scanning and invasive diagnosis of gynecological conditions is also done by highly experienced technicians. 3D and 4D scanning during pregnancy to track the growth of the foetus is highly recommended.

Organ function tests

Apart from full body health checkup, the functioning of the vital organs is also done at Leo Labs, Kannur. Liver function test, renal function test, x-ray, ECHO test are all done with technicians and machines meeting international standards. For patients aged above 60, doctors often refer to a cardiac checkup to find out if any unwanted blocks that may result in a cardiac arrest or stroke.

It is high time we realized that health is our most valuable asset. Regular full-body health check-up is advised to prevent the ‘silent killers’. With exclusive packages at attractive prices, highly qualified and trained professionals, top-notch machines and premium service, Leo Labs has undoubtedly turned out to be the best diagnostic laboratory in Kannur.

If your doctor has advised a medical test or if you feel that it’s been a long time you did a complete body checkup, please feel free to walk into Leo Labs, Kannur or book an appointment earlier on. There are many reasons for early health check-up. One of the main reason in our lifestyle. Health check-up not only improve the health but also improve the patient -practioner relationships. The Leo Labs is the best and most diagnostic and health check-up centre in Kannur.

Better late than never. Early diagnosis means an easier cure and reduced medical expenses. Your health is our concern.

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