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Diabetes mellitus is not a disease in itself but is a disorder that affects the normal functioning of the vital organs and organ systems if left untreated or uncontrolled. Early diagnosis can assure better control of diabetes, a disorder that often continues for life. It can have drastic effects on eyesight, bone health, healing of wounds and general immunity.

The affected person’s blood sugar level is abnormally high because the body is unable to produce enough insulin. Once diagnosed at an early onset, diabetes can be controlled with regular exercises such as brisk walking or jogging, and a change in lifestyle and diet. Diabetes is usually diagnosed with blood tests that determine sugar level upon fasting, non-fasting and over three months. If blood sugar levels continue to remain high over a prolonged period, your doctor might advise you to start taking pills or inject insulin as a supplement. Leo labs offer you the best blood test in Kannur.

Who should undergo a diabetes checkup regularly?

  • If you are above 30, you need to have regular blood tests and diabetes checkups done, at least once in every 3-6 months, even if you maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.
  • If you have a family history of diabetes with either of your parents or both being diabetic.
  • If you experience symptoms such as fatigue or tiredness, excessive thirst, excessive sweating, frequent urination, sudden weight loss or irritability, this could indicate the onset of diabetes.
  • Women with a history of PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome) or who are above 45 and nearing menopause.
  • Diabetes is not limited to adults alone. If your child experiences the above-mentioned symptoms, your doctor might suggest you get a diabetes checkup done.

Leo lab offers the best diabetes check-up packages in Kannur

Realizing the increasing incidence of diabetic patients in Northern Kerala and the Kannur district, in particular, Leo lab has formulated exclusive diabetes packages that provide a detailed foresight into the treatment plan. With an in-house diabetologist, Leo Lab boasts of one of the best diabetic screening and treatment infrastructure available in Kannur today.

  • The Leo Basic Diabetes Package

Including basic hemogram, fasting blood sugar, heart, liver and kidney health function tests, this package is for all who are doubtful of the onset of diabetes and those who are already diagnosed but keeping their sugar levels normal through exercise and lifestyle changes. Frequent monitoring can avoid unnecessary complications associated with diabetes. Priced at 1700, this package comes with a checkup by our diabetologist.

  • The Leo Executive Diabetes Package

Highly invasive testing and screening procedure that includes thyroid and bone health tests, a podiascan to determine the condition of the foot as diabetes can have disastrous effects on the foot, a consultation with an ophthalmologist if it has affected your vision and more.  Coming at a slightly higher price of Rs.5000, this is advised for chronic diabetic patients only who have been fighting the disease for years. Your customized diet chart will be prepared by our dietician to help you keep sugar levels under control.

The Leo Lab initiative in helping you control diabetes with its unique packages has been highly appreciated by the doctors and medical practitioners in and around Kannur.

People often fear diabetes. Yes, it can indeed be overwhelming as diabetes most often stays with you for life. But let diabetes not control you, you should control your diabetes.

 We, at Leo Lab, Kannur are here to help you in this fight. Leo lab is One of the best diagnostic lab in Kannur

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